About Me

Mohsen Said Saif Mohamed Al Ozaibi

My name is Mohsen Said Saif Mohamed, But I usually go for Mohsen or Ozaibi. This blog was made so I can digitally brag about my Achievements, future goals, and the life lessons I learned and talk about my Babies. I am a full-fledged dentist with an Abu Dhabi dental license and an MBA from UoP University. My hobbies include home automation via Home Assistant,  photography, writing, blogging, designing, and gym.

I am a certified life coach which tends to help me a lot in the triad of a clinic success ( Good dentist / Good Staff skills / good marketing)

I am a hybrid in heritage, education, and living; My heritage is split between Yemen, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. At the same time, My education was centered in Cairo, Egypt. Currently, I am working and Living in the U.A.E.

I am a family man with two boys, Yousef and Adam, so you can call me Bu Yousef. I also have 7 younger brothers scattered over Africa, the Middle East, and North America.

I pride myself on the love of giving education and advice. You can passively cement that information in yourself by providing instruction. In addition, the feeling of seeing others achieve things by myself is so fulfilling and is part of my Life coaching background.

I am busy with my Genealogy family heritage, my dental educational blog, my love for photography, and my media business company.

My life goals are to have a sustainable business (either medical or advertisement or both) that I own, an educational institute to help others, and to create a mark that will be cherished by everyone after me.

so thanks for taking the time to read about me.

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