About Me

Mohsen Said Saif Mohamed Al Ozaibi

My name is Mohsen Said Saif Mohamed, But I usually go for Mohsen or Ozaibi. Creating this blog was made so I can digitally brag about my Achievements, my future goals, lessons in life I learned, Talk about my Babies. I am a full-fledged dentist with a dental license in Abu Dhabi and an MBA holder from UoP university. My hobbies include photography, writing, blogging, designing and gym.

I am a hybrid in both heritage, education, and living, My heritage is split between Yemen, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. While My education was centered in Cairo, Egypt. Currently, I am working and Living in the U.A.E.

I am a family man with two boys Yousef and Adam, so basically you can call me Bu Yousef. I also have 7 younger brothers which are scattered over Africa, the middle east, and North America.

I pride myself in the love of giving education and advice, I believe through giving education you yourself can passively cement that information in your self. In addition, the feeling of seeing others achieve things by my self is so fulfilling.

Currently, I am busy with my Genealogy family heritage, my dental educational blog, my love for photography and my media business company.

My life goals are to be able to have a sustainable business (either medical or advertisement or both) that is owned by me, an educational institute to help others and to create a mark that will be cherished by everyone after me.

so thanks for taking the time to read about me.