Mohsen’s best poems

A special and Exceptional Person

You were an angel who flew to earth

Your wings disappeared by the time of birth

Living with mortals as your eternal curse

Seeking whatever quenches your thirst

Your desire for warmth becomes even worse

Till the time you find your true worth

And realize that you were always the first


I wanna be your Ace

Who flies you to that safe place

And Draws a smile across your Face

And your sadness I shall chase

I wanna catch your tears in a crystal Cage

And if they escape somehow, someway

A shoulder which they shall embrace

To dry them without a Trace

And with God’s Grace “In sha Allah”

This shall not be a phase

Nor shall I ever change

But I will be like this till the End of Age


Sometimes when I am alone

A chill creeps up my bones

It fills me with hate

No one to make me great

Makes me reconsider my friends

Whom I don’t think even exist

Makes me wonder…

…why should I bother?

They don’t know the suffering

Or the pain of lost

They can’t sense the need of support

or the tears that never come out

I guess real friends are only in dreams

Something I should have known to be prepared

Life is a road gone alone

Your eyes

Through Your eyes I Gaze

I see an unsolved Maze

A battle of Emotions Continues to Rage

A Victory, A Defeat I know in time I will face

And my path forever will have to change


Let me tell u about the things I have seen

It may seem a bit too extreme

About the friends who come and go

Even the ones who stay the same

Friends together are strong as steel

Divided we are weak as a cotton string 

The Prophecy

When the stars and moon are aligned

This occurs only once in a human time

Dated as ……….. By the greatest minds

Daughters of eve born on this day

Beautiful and pure if they may

But she is the one as they say

Prophecies of her written in history

And till this day is still a mystery

Until you admit the world will be in misery

A Window of Opportunity

To the world it peers

Made of sand and steel

You dream of winning

Yet half of it is win

Than an eye is taken

After a bride says “I Do”

Than you and you

United as one

What is it?

Fortress of Friendship

As we gather together

Around The table of honesty

We see ourselves for who we are

Not what we stand for

We see our friendship

Love, care and much more

But as light is what makes shadows

Our goodness shows our evil

Rage, jealousy and despair

But hand to hand

We shall prevail

And be the unbreakable fortress of friends

A Story

I was looking for some love, yet I found only dreams,

I chased them, but they all flew away, I kept on looking and found the flowers of beauty

They stayed like this but soon withered away, so… I was still on my way, till I heard the wind whispered to me: “why do you look for, what you already got” so I went in tears to the ones I loved and told them I love u all !

The end

Teary eyes

Under the moon teary eyes

When it’s full in the stary skies

A mortal so pure of heart lies

Filled with pain and agony silently he cries

With hope and love his soul survives

Awaiting his true angel to arrive

To proclaim his place and come alive

To render the dead and be revived

To become whole the angel speaks of five

Wisdom, Honesty, Righteousness, purity and love of life

If all are in place I shall be your wife

Mortals might think my rules are rife

And in somehow end with the eternal price

But to rid my wings and throw the rice

And break the chains and the cage of ice

All must be done……all are five


Its not a humanly or sensual attraction or attachment ,

It’s much deeper than that,

It’s beyond the grasp of what our minds can define or understand ,

It’s deeper than the threads of fate which spun into a network we call reality,

It’s stronger than any bond human or holy what so ever in so many different levels,

It’s a dimension that spans across space and time and surpasses the limits of human dreams,

It’s a complicated equation which begins with you and me, and ends with the results that are surely delightful and satisfying yet it will always be unpredictable,

It’s a master piece in conjunction with both beauties of heaven and earth with no rival to its grace,

It’s a Feeling of completion of one’s life goal,

It’s an Honor of being in Fate’s Symphony to gather both soul mates as one Aura or beacon of pure light,

Its meaning is so tremendous that it’s a miracle it can be restrained in only 4 alphanumeric symbols yet keeping its full potential intact,

It’s Simply LOVE.

Friendship Actors

The silent breeze on the trees of winter

The only voice, so soothing so simple

Alone I sit, I think and wonder

A Mental scar, so deep and painful

An agony so intense it grows vengeful

And in time it will gain full momentum

An unspeakable stress on the phantom limits of my fantasy

On these lonely steps of the world of dentistry

I await the light of my true destiny

To mark my place in mortal history

In hopes to conceal my silent misery

This raging pain is still a mystery

My mind is searching for the answer

This pulsating pain of judgment I call cancer

Between the aspects of love and hate

Across the planes of wrong and right

Along the gap of friend and foe

This strain for balance is truly phenomenal

The urge to keep them in place is cruelly unbearable

The strings that hold them as one is unbelievably remarkable

But those bonds are on the verge of fracture

And the balance I had will slowly rupture

Into the shore’s depth of this hellish scorcher

Tossed into my twisted insanity as the eternal torture

This Outrageous outcome to a simple factor

The one question I still can’t answer

Are true friends still all fictional Characters?

Tears of Fate

When tears of heaven start to fall

The Calm winds of earth begins to squall

I lose sight of those friends whom I call

Alone in this internal well I fall

Restrained between the stony criticism wall

Awaiting the moment to end it all

Held back by guilt to walk down this fated hall

Wondering what true happiness is…If I can ever recall

Into the Shadows my unique desire thralls

And my hand writing this in fear scrawls

It’s clear my place in your lives is truly small

To survive I have always had to crawl

Hoping that this act of cowardness can be stalled

Slowly I know one day I will be walking tall

Between the great people above all

Surrounded by the friends I can truly call

And Tears of happens across my face will fall

In my heart I will smile and recall


ندى الأمل

وانا مستحيل انساك طول الدهر
لا بين الغنى و لا الفقر
و سابقى سجين حبك منتظر السحر
سحر حبك اللي يضيء الممر
بين حقيقية حبك و خيالي مدى البحر
على امواج الاخوة أو الحب المنتظر
إلى ان اوصل لشاطىء القدر
لأرى مستقبلي مع شروق الفجر
بين قطرات الندى و دموع القهر
لكن باعلى صوت و في الجهر
احبك ..احبك
فهل من بشر؟

I have fallen

I have fallen…

Fallen into my own despair…

My intentions were good…

Yet intentions aren’t always understood.

I try and try…

My efforts futile…

My care for my love

Is strong as my will to live…

Yet it seems rejected…

But I am sure till the last breathe…

I will be there…

Nor shall the earth that covers my grave shall be in my way

I will be there…

I will…


Pain and Regret

I thought my back can always be turned

Protected, secure always every time.

But now…

My heart won’t be the same again

Being stabbed in my back

They lied and thought I won’t figure this out.

But now

You don’t know how I think of u all…

My secrets with them without any regret

People I can trust always every time

But now

My eyes won’t stop tearing all of my regret

What you did I could never predict?

Made me think would I ever do this?

But now

I don’t think I will ever know the answer to that

The pain and agony you put on my chest

With every heart beat it gets deeper and worse

But now

I guess u will never know how truly it feels…


When you look at the moon it’s so bright.

Like a diamond at flight.

Stare away there is no light.

Wonder why this is always right.

The moon & mirror are alike.

Reflecting the twinkle in your eyes.

And wallah what a sight!!!


With the words “I LOVE U” deeply engraved

With every single breathe silently I care

And being the only one who makes me whole is certainly unfair


The Lantern Of Hope

At the dawn of time darkness shall spread

Despair and death becomes greatly common

And people grasping hope lessen as time goes by

But to humans is a mere chance

A lantern which lights the cave

They believe in this for it is what keeps them alive

Keeps them fighting

Keeps them human

Keeps them from losing their minds

They keep on believing of someone which will bring balance

Bring them freedom and happiness

And be there lantern

This person has no name

Nor is know by anything

But known for his sign on his right hand

The symbol of hope

The symbol which will make earth worth living

This one is brave and equipped with wisdom

Will fear nothing yet all fear him

And will fight for the humankind

And offer the ultimate sacrifice

Thus this will end the era of fear

And begin the earth as it should have been

Filled with happiness and joy

Many call her the one……..

But no one knows who she is


Your eye seems to water my heart…

It grows to ever breath you make…

And becomes what makes me whole…

Am I alone?

Life to me is all a game

Where everyone shows their fame

And I always end in shame

Am I alone?

Why do I always feel left out?

As if I have no voice to shout

Or a plan to be put out

Am I alone?

I feel like a clown

Who picks you up when you’re down

And gives back your smile crown

Am I alone?

To u all I am is a toy

Which you can play when you’re bored

And thrown away when I am ignored

Am I alone?

I will know the answer when I am gone

When my funeral starts and no one comes

And the only whisper is the wind’s sound

Silently, over my grave without being found…

I guess I am!!

MIU’s Pearl!

From the day I met you girl

You were MIU’s single pearl

I thought my life started to be fair

Removed every worry I had and every care

Like a wingless angel on our earth

You were everything I needed since my birth

But those words shattered my dreams

Lost my insanity, I had to scream

That illusion I had went into focus

Now, I am tossed and lost into the vortex

True, those words were pure and honest

Yet, I can’t believe my heart was dishonest

I should have known not try to guess

I am not the one you can’t resist

Why didn’t I predict? Why didn’t I learn?

Why didn’t I feel something was wrong?

Life is still filled with lesson to be learned

I guess the whole time I was so blind

Or maybe I was ever too kind

Alas, my older dream has returned

Now, I wish my new one would simply bum

I shouldn’t have cheated and skipped my turn

In the game of life you watch and learn

I won’t give up I have my pride

My dream is clear I won’t even hide

Life always been a one-seated ride

The Secrets

 I see the secrets

The talks behind my back

Not from the pain of each stab

But from the way they act

From the complete honesty they lack

Trust me, I am no mind hacking geek or some addict to crack

But this is how my reasons all stack up


A Lonely Girl

Sometimes you see her sitting by the shore

In the past she had a smile that’s not there anymore

Through her eyes you see the sadness engulfing her core

A lonely girl not asking for anything else than to be adored

Filled with a Wishful Desire for everything to be like before

Soul-Filled tears dance through the silent ocean air

A fall so elegant each paired with a strand of hair

And ending with a splash voiced by eternal despair

Shattering her reflection as if she wasn’t even there

A living proof that life has never been fair

Nor the people whom she knows will ever care

A broken soul so fragile filled with nothing but hatred and fear

An Enraged emotion towards all those she considered close and near

A disgusting Burden of depending on those who used to be dear

All these feelings locked away in a vault far from those who hear

Awaiting to end it all in hope for the Angel of Death to soon appear



Just lost between the soul-less

Wondering why I exist?

Forgotten to the lonely woods

Knowing I won’t be missed

Going the extra mile for the rest

Always being last on their list

Playing my role in life’s play

Only ending up with a one sided kiss

Suicide Letter!

Anger and hatred Is all I seem to be making
Happiness and acceptance is swept aside as if I were faking

What did I do to deserve this?
All the good things in life I seem to miss
I feel as though I’m innocent
It just doesn’t all seem to fit
Should I take the easy way out
Not many people will miss me without a doubt
What would happen if I didn’t even exist?
Everyone will be at their peak of happiness
But for the few people that would miss me
Don’t get any ideas to come join me
For I have made a terrible mistake
No other one shall ever make
If I made an impact on anyone’s life
I am sorry I decided to take my life
I just had to find an easy way out
I’m just someone you are better without

خيل أشعاري

اسرج للغالي خيل اشعاري

فيسرع الخيل حبا للقائي

القلم و الحبر سلاح مشاعري

وانت اصل الحب والغرامي

لن ارضى بغيرك يا لؤلؤة حياتي

ما اجمل حبك في روضة العماري
كيف اعيش من غير الغوالي

ورئية الفراق اصعب من الوداعي
تسود غيوم الكائبة داري

و تصبح اليوم كظلمة الليالي

قد سكنت قي قلبك يا عذابي

ترضى اعيش في قلبك لحالي

امام امواج الغربة و الحزن لا ابالي

دام انت في قلبي و دمي و احلامي

صدق القول وبالرب هذا كلامي

وهل اكتب الحب لغير ندى العماري