You make it harder!


This is just a way for me to let steam off, It’s not meant to complain to anyone ( nobody reads this ) but I am just extremely pissed on 25 Aug 2018 – 2:30 AM.

It always seems to me that you consider those small things irrelevant to any situation, but consider this ” every situation has perspective and every person see things differently ” I was tired and the weather was hot, I am the one who considered that you should fuel your car so it won’t be a hassle the next day, Yet you insisted that we should fuel the car by myself in the heat (35 Celsius at night with humidity over 80%) to save 10 dirhams even though the fuelling was over 220 dirhams.

You told me to smile while you videoed it, this wasn’t a moment I wanted to enjoy and you considered it hilarious, I had an oil massage all over my body and it tends to make sweating more irritating.

So what is your perspective about this “it’s a small thing!!” to you it might be a small thing but to me stating my comfort as a small thing is painful!!! I replied as long as it’s a small thing “let’s not talk about it”

We reached home and sat in the car like you always do on your phone when you park, it seemed like you didn’t like it eventually as you called I returned to carry our son upstairs, tucked him in bed and went to my computer.

It’s ironic that you don’t know that when I am extremely upset I either sleep it off or work it off, yet you stormed into my office and called me a liar!!! ” leash al-kethab” I replied, “I am not sleepy anymore it’s gone!!!”  Not knowing that I am furious.

When I was done with my work and I came into the bedroom I see you on your phone and I just closed that door and left ( you are in your snapshot world) so I left and went to my Blog to write this down!!!

Thanks for the great weekend!!!!

My issues are small and I am liar !!!! 


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