Am I ready ?


Within a week, I will be taking the most responsible job position I ever got, the role of a Clinical Manager and medical director. The only thing that comes to mind ” Am I ready?” as I am constantly filled with doubt.In November 2017, I resigned from my previous dental clinic as a General Dentist with a specific role and routine ( 8 straight hours of work from 10 Am to 6 PM ) the pay wasn’t great and the stress was huge, yet the only relaxing factor there I had a manager to be our backbone for the major choices and decisions. Now, I will have to be the backbone of the whole clinic.

During the resignation period, my manager wanted to persuade me to stay and offered a higher pay yet I ( without regrets – most of the time -) I eventually declined. He started to give negative feed about the position and said that 2018 will be a depressing and difficult year for clinics, which will see clinics fail and explained that being a manager isn’t simple, In my mind, I had three replies that help me be determined:

  1. I can’t stay in my comfort zone, as my job isn’t getting me anywhere or evolving any of my abilities I needed more chores and responsibilities. Take Risks!
  2. I needed to take the challenge of managing the clinic as my future goal is to have my own practice. Face Challenges!
  3. Directed to the manager himself: look where you are even though I am sure you had people who said you can’t do it yet you still did and succeed.  Succeed!

Those factors kept pushing me to do something that’s out of my comfort zone, to push me, to make me work harder which will forcefully evolve me to learn. with all those thoughts in my mind, I have no time to think or doubt myself, I only have one direction available to me TO SUCCEED !!

So if I ask my self ” Am I ready?”, I simply smile knowing in life nobody is ever ready yet that never stops anyone from success. With this mindset, I know I will be great and do a terrific job. No shame in being nervous or worried. just fake it and I will surely make it.

My next step starts at the end of January 2018. In Sha Allah, everything will be great!!! So flip the “I” with “Am” and say ” I AM READY!!!”


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