Diabetes is a PART of me NOT all of me


I was diagnosed at 14 years old with diabetes and my amazing son was diagnosed at 2 years and a half.
Diabetes is a LIFESTYLE not only a medical condition, we face challenges BUT it’s the support we have that help us overcome it.

This video is a story between a diabetic mom and her diabetic son, the struggles they faced at first and eventually overcoming the struggle.

This is a very small insight on what we face in our life, check it out
This segment is dedicated to those live with diabetes, for those who don’t know the struggles, for those think this is the end, Diabetes is part of me and not who I am. It is family that gives us strength and it’s what made us succeed in facing this challenge.
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Nada Jamal Al-Ammari
Dr. Mohsen S. Mohamed (Ozaibi)
Yousef Mohsen Said Mohamed

Music by:
Emotional Relaxing Music by TheRelaxingWorld
Fearless Motivation – Overcome – Song Mix by Walter Bergmann

Directed & Edited:
Dr. Mohsen S. Mohamed (Ozaibi)

Production by:
Ambishion Photography – @ambision – www.ambishion.com
OziTect technology – @ozitect – www.ozitect.com


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A BDS in dentistry and MBA in business and marketing. I am the founder of OziDent.com and enjoy the gym and mental challenges.

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