How it all Ended the manager phase!


I wrote in the past that I was glad to be able to handle the dental management aspect of the clinic, but that phase ended abruptly with both parties, not in good terms.

The problems

Let’s state the issues in chronological order, by starting with:

  1. During the period, My wife was in critical health issues, and the main administration made if difficult for me to go to America for the delivery. Even worst when I requested a holiday they replied with negative which lead to me taking unpaid leave that until this day I have been able to pay the debt.
  2. I have requested since day 1 for a periapical radiograph device in my clinic, and until the last day, I have never received it, so I have to perform the treatment in the other doctor’s clinic.
  3. I purchased 75 % of the furniture, and until now, they have not paid it back or show any intention to do so.
  4. I haven’t received my salary from Nov 2019 till Feb 2020 ( five months pending salary ).
  5. I Had no health insurance from Jan 2019 till April 2019, due to the fact the HR forgot about my issue.
  6. During an in the incident, The previous medical director stated that ” I was leaking information ” and “I was a burden ” and ” I am being targeted,” all this was told to me after Coming back from my Dec 2019 Holiday.
  7. The same medical director stated: ” Don’t work with other dentists,” and everyone dislikes my workflow.
  8. In Jan 2020, I sent an email to the primary office administration, regarding that: ( I wanted to clear up a few issues and renew my contract” they said that they would review my finance. Then I sent another email before my license to work to expire on the 10th of February that I will not work until they settle this issue as I am working illegally. Still, no official replay was given even though I came to work the next day and I was furious that nobody is taking my issue seriously they stated that My problem could be pending for a minimum of one month, so I continued to work as the Finance department Stated that my contract will be renewed soon via WhatsApp ( nothing official), on multiple times for the next 15 days I was told that it will be quickly, next week the day after until I got fed up and tired of the constant delays even though she did tell me again that it would be on the 27th I was furious and fed up. On the 25th of February 2020, I contacted the labor office, regarding my issue and was updated that My working was 100% illegal and that there is no one month grace period as stated and that My contracted is canceled immediately. I sent an email that I have contacted the labor office regarding my contract and that I will have to go through legal measures as I have been working illegal and that my contract is void. The day after I had a meeting regarding this and was told I would get a replay regarding this issue and the next Sunday, I was told that because of the complaint we would not renew the contract as promised.
  9. I have not been working since the 25th of February 2020, even though I have spent over 7000 AED in marketing yet no salary or commission.
  10. on the 27th Feb meeting here was the key take away:
    1. You have been a burden on our company since you started working and only recently started to make a profit in Sep 2019; I replied, I never had a meeting until now with anyone regarding my work report, and the only meeting I received was in Aug 2019, which made me start the marketing strategy and increase patient flow.
    2. You could have seen your income and understand your unfinished work? I wouldn’t know the income of the other dentists, nor will I be able to identify the objectives, and at the moment, nobody can see the clinic income.
    3. Why didn’t you do the marketing Strategy earlier?; I replied, well, going through my emails between the administration and me, I have already requested funds and equipment ( including X-ray installation, FANR registration, Clinic furniture ). All were negative.
    4. I think you’re making this complaint to leverage your contract renewal: I replied, I have been working for two years. I only asked about my salary once and complained only when NOBODY was giving me an official response about my renewal even though I emailed three times. Nobody gives me a reply of confirmation or denial.
    5. Do you know that there is a one month grace period after the labor card expired? I replied with that that would be correct if I was on your visa, but I am on my wife’s visa; thus the HR doesn’t know the staff’s permissions, He replied I didn’t think you weren’t on our visa.
    6. He said, why didn’t you wait till this meeting before complaining? I replied with showing him WhatsApp messages with the finance department that the issue was delayed continuously, and I waited for over 15 days till I had no choice and contacted the labor office and was shocked that I am working illegally.
  11. On the 16th of March 2020, nobody has contacted me nor followed up with my situation.

What I have learned

  • If the management doesn’t care to hire the right staff to handle and delegate issues, the company will fail.
  • If the company can’t have trust between the staff to handle the issues, tensions will grow.
  • If the company has financial issues, do the right thing and tell the staff directly.
  • Never take issues too personally, everything is professional at work.
  • Follow up with issues don’t ignore.
  • Make a semi-annual report of work and improve the work conditions.
  • Understand the circumstances.
  • communication and meetings are necessary.
  • Always work with legal protection in mind
  • Marketing is crucial.
  • understand the difference between leadership and the boss.
  • Appreciate those who deserve it.

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