My purple water bottle :)

Today, started as expected ( routinely ) 9:00 am – wake up 9:05 am – cycling for 25 Mins 9:40 am – shower 9:55 am – leave the house 10:15 am – meet my patient….. again routine again what was my day high lights … my favorite patient was Hanane from Etihad her attitude is really a joy, but this isn’t what my blog is meant to be it’s more about the deeper thinking about my day. Today was really stressful, starting my 2nd patient without having a dental treatment plan and doing what ever I assume is needed isn’t what I like, in fact, that what pissed me off and I had to nail my Dr. Tainina that she didn’t write it and her response not being free, how am I free to do that while others can’t? Mr. Ali blew me up beyond imagination wanting his treatment to be maximums done ASAP. I hated his response and I treated him so coldly … patients that piss me off beware I shall not be smiling. I won’t hurt you but I won’t be helpful. I was proud with Mr. Saleh about his two crowns being perfectly prepped. During The Whole day, I had incidents of sharp back pain which went away as soon as possible. My wife took a sick leave and went to Wehida mall for shopping I went back home and went to the gym which resulted prior to even reaching it to severe pain on my left knee which is better now after reverse squats and calf press.   My wife talked to me about her plans and dreams of Harvard and I intend to help her reach it … I want her happy because she might not know it but she is a blessing that I always see and try to express it. Love ya, babe, P.S. she got me a glass bottle and its purple 😊😊😊Gym was great but a little upset about what I ate after Gym too much mahshi Anyway, it wasn’t the best day of the week but it went smoothly....

The title might seem evil and all but the meaning is so not related it’s completely the opposite , it’s that you should always have pride and don’t state your financial woes to anyone at all, it kills me that I might seem pathetic even though I am trying to be honest to those Who are close …. I guess I shouldn’t be so honest to anyone especially when that people might see me as a loser … I guess my first lesson of life is thanks to my partner ….

Keep your pride high even when ur wallet is low .


― Mohsen Said Mohamed

Americana Cheeseburger | The Cheesecake Factory

This 2014 award Winning restaurant  ( Favorite Casual-Dining Restaurant, Nation’s Restaurant News Consumer Picks: Overall Winner for Casual-Dining Restaurants and Named one of the FORTUNE “100 Best Companies To Work For®” 2014), which started in a kitchen in Detroit, Michigan in the 1940’s by Evelyn Overton. In this review, we went to the biggest mall in Abu Dhabi , Yas mall to try this signature restaurant and was shocked on its low standard cleanliness. Presentation: The Burger contests as written in the menu: American And Cheddar Cheese, Crunchy Potato Crisps, Lettuce, Tomato, Grilled Onions, Pickles and Secret Sauce. It was presented on a simple white plate with an aluminium cup with a white paper for fries , Elgegent with simplicity, the burger just looks great like what’s expected from an international brand. 7/10 . Size: good big size , that’s just right. Fulfilling and great meal . 7/10 Taste: it’s an amazing charbolied flavour burger with the secret sauce that adds the mesmerising touch, it’s amazing I give hands down. 9/10 Price: 58 dirhams for this burge and fries might be a bit high but for the atmosphere and brand and flavour it’s totally justified. 7/10 Atmosphere: I actually love the atmosphere, homey and cosy with soft orange lighting and some modern music, but the tables and crowd make it a bit suffocating, with no windows at all it just feels tight. 6/10 Cleanless: The cleanleas is below standard, starting with the fact the forks and spoons are placed directly on the table, and even worst the table is perfectly clean , it’s a disgrace for such an international brand. 1/10 No tissue under  the knife and spoon and  placed directly on the table, even worst the knife has finger prints and the table isn’t clean even. this is totally unacceptable. Location: the branch I visited was in yas mall, Abu Dhabi , UAE. The mall is one of the biggest in Abu Dhabi and parking is plentiful and being a mall the location serves a lot of other things 9/10. Service: The service is great and all and they try there best to Make sure they satisfy us as much as possible even when the waiting list is long, they provide a time frame and a bipper to alaram Us when our seat is available , but once we are seated the standard dip , they forgot to get us a few things and mix things up and they even forgot to get us the starters until all food arrive . 6/10 Final Verdict: It’s a great place for a family lunch / dinner with great atmosphere , it just unacceptable how the table isn’t clean  and cookery are on a dirty table with no tissue or barrier, the service needs more attention even if it’s crowded it’s no excuse for bad service. over all I wouldn’t mind eating another burger there because a burger is handled with nothing other than my own hands. No SPOON, KNIFE no NOTHING just my bare hands . 6.7/10...