Understand People but never Label them


Viewing people from your perspective and only yours will eventually lead you to start giving people a specific name AKA Label them. The act of labeling them tends to be an act of aggression ( picking at them ). Those people ( unless you are a professional and with vast and wider terms to label people) will tend to lead to dispute and consider disrespectful especially when they will not admit and accept it.

This story is related to an incident that happened on the 28th of Dec 2017, on our way back from a new shop in Khalifa City around 10:00 PM, I expressed to my wife without prior notice that my wife seems like an attention seeker and seeks approval from others in relation to a previous family gathering on Friday. She didn’t receive those labels lightly and became aggressive and defensive to an extent that she wanted to respond with her views on me. She demanded on what basis that I assumed those labels.  

I should have been quite and tried to learn more about how she thinks and in the long run, acted on them to treat her better. Full head confrontation with her is impossible and she will always be aggressive and defensive in regards to anything that she assumes as negative feedback about her self.

“Labels are for filing. Labels are for clothing. Labels are not for people.” –Martina Navratilova

So what did I learn from this situation?

  • No direct confrontation unless with unrefutable evidence.
  • Choice of words ( labels) should be
    • non-negative and be positive
    • constructive.
    • broad terms.
  • Selection of time approriate to state my point of view.
  • Dont assume but let her say it her self from her point of view, Let her express her opinion on my statements. I can’t stress this enough make sure you are not fighting and telling facts but let her feel /assume that you’re trying to understand how she thinks and let her talk.

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