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Went to the circle cafe located in Khalifa City just in raha garden plaza, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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Contents as written by menu
  • Burger: 150gm Angus beef, tomato, gherkins, tomato chutney, garlic aioli, wrapped with iceberg lettuce, Swiss cheese.
  • Side: sweet potato and Isabella sauce.


Circle No-Bun Burger Contnets

Using multiple iceberg lecttuce leaves instead of one large one makes holding the burger impossible without dropping most of the contents.
Side order of fries was covered by thyme which isn’t my favourite top, at all!


Size: the size is quite small for the price as for 150 gram of Angus beef it seems much smaller after cooking .


Taste: it just doesn’t taste right like a real burger it’s not freash ! Frozen and maybe over a month old :(, sweet fries was much better flavoured.


Price: 54 dirhams, which is over priced for its amount and taste.


Atmosphere: the place and cleanses is good with a nice atmosphere and Elgegent, the garden view is great and the outside is great in cooler weathers.


Location: location and parking is really accessible and easy with a 5 min walk to reach the restaurant.


Service: friendly and understandable they really try to make it an unforgettable experience.


Final Verdict

I would’t recommend coming to circle cafe for the Circle No-Bun Burger, overall the restaurant atmosphere is homey and the deserts are great but from a burger aspect its a 4.5/10 experience.



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  1. I’m not sure if it’s due to the branch or whatever, but Circle’s no-bun burger here in Dubai is a total hit for me. Anyone else who thinks so?

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