Within a week, I will be taking the most responsible job position I ever got, the role of a Clinical Manager and medical director. The only thing that comes to mind ” Am I ready?” as I am constantly filled with doubt.

Just one of those days I just wanted to play MTG with the guys seriously miss this environment. Prerelease of rivals of ixalan hosted by Back to Games !!Thanks for the players and staff at Back to Games for allowing this recording.

Viewing people from your perspective and only yours will eventually lead you to start giving people a specific name AKA Label them. The act of labeling them tends to be an act of aggression ( picking at them ). Those people ( unless you are a professional and with vast and wider terms to label people) will tend to lead to dispute and consider disrespectful especially when they will not admit and accept it.

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Starting to write …

It’s weird how life can change with a single flip or the word “I do “….. Life can change and…

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My 2014 Resolution

I am just writing this, because someone close told me once if your To-Do list isn’t made, you will never…