This is just a way for me to let steam off, It’s not meant to complain to anyone ( nobody reads this ) but I am just extremely pissed on 25 Aug 2018 – 2:30 AM. It always seems to me that you consider those small things irrelevant to any situation, but consider this ” every situation has perspective and every person see things differently ” I was tired and the weather was hot, I am the one who considered that you should fuel your car so it won’t be a hassle the next day, Yet you insisted that we should…

The worst kind of pain is assuming a role and responsibility that was given to you, but everyone in the same institute or organization acknowledge you as something else. ALWAYS GET A JOB DESCRIPTION FROM DAY ONE! #hwmc #lesson #life

Within a week, I will be taking the most responsible job position I ever got, the role of a Clinical Manager and medical director. The only thing that comes to mind ” Am I ready?” as I am constantly filled with doubt.

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